Branding – the name of a product or company

Brands and patents are considered the most valuable occupied property of a company. Today is a bit of a products that are not marked with a brand name. The testimony of the culture and the values ​​represented by its owner. Mark guarantees the quality but also discusses the consumer. The overall identity has influence at the perception of the brand, includes its core and will, basic and additional identity.


The name of a product or company is significant because it determines the personality, so with the logo design and sign is the most important part of the marketing process in creating the image of the product. About the name and its looks are built and other elements of the brand properties that determine its value for users and consumers. It is a responsible task to name which characterizes and monitors brand or company.

When creating a brand we take account of the: strategic goals of the company, budgets, the capacity , use, values, culture, consumer preferences and personality, and in order to avoid imitations.