Graphic design

Graphic design is essentially a combination of typefaces, illustrations and photos and it is accomplished visual communication and simple and deep spread of ideas or messages. A conscious and deliberate creative and credible such way user presents its maximum in the business on a non-verbal way. Its basic role is the role of the to communicate, Therefore, it is considered a work of art - with scientific discipline and is a necessary part of every marketing.

Communicates via - logos and by the sign that is on each business card, letterhead (memorandumu), envelope. Presents you with a vast array of graphic products and processes:

  • business map, notebook, ID card, pozivnicom, congratulations cards, annual report, Organizer, Calendar, bag, wrapping paper, stickers or labels, wobler...
  • through the ads, posters, leaflets,flayers, brochures and different publication also expands to other media (web, smartphone, tv..)
  • packaging of your product sales and multiple protect, and by applying on your official vehicle you send very strong message, display, window dipsplay, sales or promotional place and business Gifts, so noteworthy for your loyal users and partners

What we can do for you?

Briefly, in accordance with your requirements professionally creative we will design a complete or partial visual identity or package just for you, by respecting, your needs and wishes. In the sequence of the process also make the graphics preparared for print , and organize quality, a quick and favorable performance (print ) by any technological process.

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