Store Windows and Interiors

Arranging business and of fair space

We strive to make something more of your business premises than a place where you buy products, offer services, set up jobs, having fun or relaxing. Our arrangers, decorators and designers are following the trends and interests of your clients, and so im closing in on your offer, goals, visions of a direct communication. We take care of everything from conceptual solutions to meet your highest aspirations and needs to the design and analysis.

The design and window dressing

The look and the window message has a key role in the decision of the customer that you will enter in your business premises or pass beside him. What's cover to magazines , that is showcase Board or billboard to you, will very efficiently transfer the profound message to the customer.

Boring, poorly illuminated, unprofessional and ignored decorated shop windows will leave a negative impression on your existing and potential clients. Osvježite li ga često novom ponudom ili novim idejnim rješenjima (wich do not have to cost a lot ) you will find intriguing to achieve better sales results.

When the arrangement of the window we take care to:

  • Pass a strong non-verbal marketing message (a special sales action, News …)
  • Of incorporating your products and services in seasonal and thematic elements awakening in your potential and permanent customer emotions and personal experience with the ultimate goal – by visiting your business space and desire for your products or services.
  • Surprise is always attractive ideas and top performing keywords that will attract the attention of the. Passers-by will not only feel the need to approach the window and enter your office space, but it can be photographed, share the experience with friends and further extend your message. Every design decision, tell a story that attracts attention and stimulates the action
  • We motivate entry into your office or shop space. We present your offer in accordance with the highest standards making it better, more interesting and more necessary than others on the market.

How often do to change the appearance of the window?

The more often you change the appearance of the window, will be more interesting to buyers, but of course in accordance with your business and budget we will be happy to make a personal presentation and allow for maintenance of the contracting plan.