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Landing page are web pages or Web site that is visited by a person that clicks on an ad from a sales campaign. The ad can be in banner, text link, email, pop-up on your website or in some other form on the website, or on social networks.

Companies spend a lot of resources on visits to their website. Some companies are giving around the 15% these funds to convert visitors into customers or users of their services.


If you want to convert visitors to users of your services or products you need to dedicate more about conversions, allowing you to save on the means of advertising - get better results of sales or other actions.

A link to a landing page or web address of the company - the most common error with advertising actions

The most common mistake with the sales action is to send visitors to the home page of the website company or a page within your site. Instead, you should create a special web page for the action - landing page.

In my work I often tested the results of conversion from visitors to the customer (or known customer) and compared the results when the visitors were sent to the website and when to the landing page. Conversion is at the landing page certainly showed better results.

In what cases to use landing page?

  • When you do the direct sale of products
  • When you offer services
  • When you offer free testing of their services.
  • When you convert an unknown visitors of the website to know (data for further marketing campaign), for example. registration in newsletters or when you offer an e-book or free webinars.

A good landing page are excellent for testing. You can test different "call to action" elements, colors... In this way, you can come to the conclusion that visual identity good for your business, or the time to build a very effective landing page.

What should be a landing page?

minimalist design

Landing page must be focused on what you are offering in the action that led visitors to this website. All the other things that are on this website visitor distracting. This will for example links to other pages of your web site visitors distract.

When you looking for information from visitors do not overdo it. The more data you are asking for the greater is the chance that you have a small number of results. Every step of registration or purchase make as simple as possible and to as small number of web pages.

Highlighted the benefits

Highlight those benefits that visitors receive. Fill in the expectations of visitors and give them an even greater value to ensure that they will take action - to make them safer to convert from the status of visitors to the status that the landing page you want to achieve. Do you have an advantage over competitors certainly highlight them.

Emphasize benefits, such as "free delivery", "discount". Let them know what you will get when thay sign-in in the newsletter.

Landing page primjer1
Landing page primjer 2
Landing page primjer 3
Landing page primjer 4
Landing page primjer 5
Landing page primjer 6

What is a Landing page

Apeirance of landing page

Add multimedia - photos, graphics, videos...

And be sure to add multimedia elements, but do not overdo it with them.

Add graphics that show the benefits of your services, photos related to them.

Do not use generic photos from the Internet, you might be better off without them. If you have a video that talk about the benefits of your product or service, be sure you take advantage of them.

Appearance same as that of the ad for which the visitors come to the landing page

Landing page should look like the source (advertisement) from which visitors are coming. It does not, it is a great chance to leave this page on which thay are coming. Images and colors with the ads should match the landing page-in.

Strong "Call to Action" elements

To your visitors you must clearly say what to do on landing page or site. Whether to buy something, sign-in in the newsletter, ask for your service..

Highlights buttons in contrasting colors that are more attractive than the monotonous text. Don't let the text to them be too large, perhaps no more than four words.

Must be clear what will happen when they click on this button. For example: "Registration in newsletter", "Buy now", "Request a service"...

Mobile-friendly design

People increasingly surf with your smart phone, and so they can be ordered with them. You must certainly landing page to customize to the desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Do not forget and "Thank You" web page

When visitors of landing page perform the action you want, you have to thank for them for it. So they will know that the process is finished. Here oyu can also explain the next steps, for example, If thay have ordered a service that you will contact them or send them an offer.

Here you have a chance to offer them similar products or services, direct them to the web address of the company or offer them buttons social networks so thay could your offer to share with others.

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Whether you want a landing page for your promotional actions..

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