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Consumers today are so bombarded ith ads that are completely avoided, so you need to offer them something completely different.

Content marketing - Content is King

What is content?

The content may be in many different forms: expert articles, blogs, business analysis, frequently asked questions, the results of the research, different descriptions.

In addition to the form of text and the content may be in the form of: webinars, Images, illustration, infographics, videos...

Why content marketing?

Provided that it is a quality, interesting and useful, content:

  • improves the ranking by internet search engines
  • bringing traffic to a web site
  • build trust
  • creates potential customers know
  • improve communication with existing customers
  • building a reputation

How to draw and retain potential customers?

The constant placing of content that interests your clients, that is useful to them and which will be gladly shared on social networks. This way you will become recognizable and authority in its field.

What we can offer?

Analysis of the competition, defining target customers and required content
To reduce the costs and increased the efficiency of we define your target group, analyze the competition, and we define the required content, taking care of your customers.
Creating content
We create content for your and customers needs . The created content, we adjust to Google search results and other Internet search engines. We are working on your visibility and build your authority in the industry.
Promotion of content
We take care that is adaptable to all channels where it may be published (the social network, blog, Website ...). We publish content created on places accessible to your clients on a free or paid channels.
Analysis of the effectiveness of the statistics and to take further action
We analyze the scope and effectiveness of marketed content and based on the results take further action.

Content marketing in numbers

Content marketing on average costs less (compared to traditional marketing)


The percentage of B2B marketing professionals who use content marketing


The percentage of B2C marketing professionals who use content marketing


The percentage of marketing experts who publish content once or more times a week


The percentage of companies that have a person in charge of marketing content


Budget in relation to the total marketing


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