PPC Management

PPC or pay-per-click It is part of Internet marketing where you pay every time someone clicks on one of your ads, so buying visits to your web site. PPC campaigns are recomended to the moment you become satisfied with your “natural” visit to the Web site.

The most popular PPC is one that works with Internet search engines:

Google AdWords PPC

This is the best marketing investment for your activity. Even with a very tight budget, you can run your business. We will set up for you new, redesign or adjust an existing campaign to via Internet search engines get ideal clients.

Bing PPC

Bing is a Pay Per Click campaign also bring good results. Before setting up these campaigns would be hightly recomended to analyze the Google Adwords campaign. Those in relation to the Google AdWords have their own specific characteristics. Recommends to those companies who want to take advantage of all the profitable sales channels.

Facebook PPC

Facebook PPC is a good way to quickly brand your business, and with it you can achieve the best targeting to ideal customer (age, location, occupations, the wishes, hobbies….).