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Advertising on various media has known benefits, power, the costs and disadvantages, therefore it is very important to know the possibilities of each of them. Which the media to choose to advertise and how, and to bring their business to the risk is the main theme of this free e-book.

Koji medij odabrati za oglašavanje i zašto?

Planning and advertising - even the smaller entrepreneurs it is not impossible to successfully market products and services

Planning and advertising

Marketing executives of large companies planned activities for the year ahead, talk about budgets, analyze the effectiveness of already-used tools.
Planning and advertising
It's a tedious job of planning and for them given the various crisis markets.

Small businesses and sole traders sometimes think they have no chance to sell their products and services when they were rival great company with professional marketing team that cares only about selling, but also on all aspects of marketing including.

Experts create strategies that will win the hearts of consumers. But this positioning will fail if the advertising - designed message successfully transferred to the target group through the right channels of communication.

Smaller entrepreneurs is impossible successfully to market their products and services and sell them well.

It is usually necessary to make a small education, that refers to the exploring of potential customers and the identification of the benefits and values that provide products and services, and how well choose the advertising medium. This free e-book will help you with that.

What you will learn in this e-book? (which media to choose?)

Advertising - which media to choose

Advertising - which media to choose?In this e-book you will find resources, the target audience, the advantages, shortcomings and weaknesses of these media:

  • TV and radio spots
  • interactive radio shows
  • newspapers and newspaper ads and sponsored articles
  • web pages
  • mobile phones and text messages
  • posters, brochures and flyers
  • electronic newspapers (newsletters)
  • videos and educated videos
  • public presentations, meetings and Club Association
  • power point presentations
  • Billboard's
  • logo / branding
  • promotional items

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