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A hashtag is a word that has emerged in the last few years, with thanks to social networks. The first appeared on Twitter and then on most other social networks. The symbol for the hashtag is “#”, in English is known as “pound” and we could hear them call for it the grid, fence etc. :-)))

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtak is basically a keyword or phrase written without spaces, with a sign “#” in front of it. For example: #Internet2B, #Logo, #WebPages…

Where to put hashtags?

Hashtags can be placed anywhere in postings of social networks: in the headlines, In the beginning, on the end, in the middle…

Function of the hashtag is that public announcements and conversations of several different users place into one stream, to which you can easily occur if you click on or search for the hashtag (or even create and click on it).

If you use it nice, a hashtag is a good way for a companies or individuals that their post on social networks do more visible.

Where is the most commonly used hashtags?

  • Hashtags are used frequently for events, for example. #worldchampionship, #usaelection, #dayofprogramers…
  • Popular trendy phenomena, for example: #Pokemon, #Iphone…

The key is to use hashtagove with caution, not too much, and only when thay added value. If you use them too much, thay can be confusing, frustrating and ultimately undesirable.

Twitter and hashtags

Twitter hashtags put conversation multiple users into one stream. Twitter user who is not in some kind of discussion, and use the hashtag, and discussions, will be shown in it.

At the top will appear the Tweets of those users who have more folowers.

Hashtag on Twitter can be found in its search engine or enter the direct URLs, for example: twitter.com/nekakavhashtag.

Facebook and hashtags

As well as on Twitter, hashtags on Facebook put in one place more different users conversation. At Facebook's somewhat different situation because most of the users of its publication does not set a public, so that their hashtags are not visible and searchable to all.


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