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We have a lot of skeptical customers why asked about the usefulness of Twitter for business use. They say that it is impossible to achieve or notice for clicks to a website. We bring you some tips on how to achieve it. Comments are relating to the large number of post on Twitter, the hard punching and presentation of their own posts.

We do not agree exactly with this. It is possible to be noticed on Twitter as well as on other social networks, but you need a strategic approach.

Every action on Twitter should be planned.

Follow only the people who are in your profession. So, your account on Twitter will be much more valuable, If you're focused on one area. You will see which area are interested in users reading their tweets, and browsing their profiles.

Be part in the talks that are related to your target area and your niche using the “hashtags”. Hashtagovi are Twiitters talks in stream marked with one keyword. For example hashtag looks like this: #word.

If you want to participate in the discussions with some theme – key words must be sought on Twitter, indicating the this keyword. That way you will also see what other people write about it. You'll probably notice that if of these keywords created hashtag. In this way it is possible to keep track of news and events related to a specific keyword.

Always respond to those who comment on your post – send replies to your Tweets, or send to you a direct message. But avoid spammers. Spammers should report to Twitter.

We bring a small vocabulary of Twitter

Twitter dictionary


Post on Twitter. Tweets can have up to 140 characters of text, picture, video… Tweets are public and thay are showns on Twitter timeline and thay are searchable, unless they are sent to a secure account or a direct message. Tweets can also be inserted into web pages.


Retweets are the Tweets that are sended to followers (followers). There are two types of Retweet: classical “manually published” and “Web Retweet”.

When “manually” is shared Tweet, you need to enter the “RT” before @username and content of someone's tweet. This is the only way to add your comment to Tweet when you forward it.

“Web Retweet” is the sharing when you click on the Retweet button. In this case, the entire Tweet is shown on your timeline, with all of the data (the author's name and with his Avatar).


A feed is a place where allways come all the posts from other users that you follow, and show to you.


Handle is your Twitter username. For example, our is @2binternet. This name should be published on other social networks, because the people who follow us on Twitter, may wish to see your activity on Instagram or Pinterest.


Mention is the procedure of tagging other users or accounts in the messages of social networks. When you someone “mention” he will be notified from side of social network. This is the main part of which social networks makes the “social”. If properly formatted in your post, for example, if you want to mention us, you would be written @2binternet, mention will become a link on which people will be able to click to get to our profile on Twitter.

Direct Message

Direct Message (DM) is a private message on Twitter that you are sending to your followers. Direct messages can only be send to followers, those people who follow you, but also only and you can receive messages from those people you follow.


A hashtag is a keyword or phrase in front of which is a “#” sign. This is the way in which you designate the topic of social networks and you allow other people to find your post. On the other social networks by clicking on the hashtag will also appear last posted messages that also contain the hashtag.

See also our post: What are the hashtags?

Quote Tweet

This is the way in which retweeting where the user includes their comments with tweet.




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